Willingness to Learn New Things Part 9 on Mindset Monday

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What you have to do and
the way you have to do it is incredibly simple.
Whether you are willing to do it,
that’s another matter. Peter F. Drucker
When learning something new, taking initial action is the easy part.
Finishing the course and following through on what you learned, that’s the hard part.
You need to be accountable.  You need to firmly hold yourself to your goal of getting it done.
You can get an accountability partner.
Tell someone what you’re going to do , you are less likely to quit in the middle.
Tell them your plan and deadline goals
They keep you on track.
You can do the same for them.
They do their job just by listening to you.
Also, they check in on a regular basis on your progress.
Your accountability partner can be anyone.
It should be someone who has Positive influence on you.
They should believe you that you are going to follow through on your promise.
Best idea to ask someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in the process.
If they have an interest, they can’t give you ¬†unconditional support that you need.
They need just to be there to listen to your progress.
Declare it on social media to all your followers your progress! You’ll stay on track just to avoid comments.
Join an accountability group or forum related to your course. Introduce yourself and what you are doing.
Besides unconditional support, you may learn tips and tricks to make progress.
You can be accountable to yourself.
Keep a journal.
You can journal publicly on a blog or write daily in a notebook.
Writing it down lets you see your progress and helps to clarify your goals and what you are doing to reach them.
The more accountability the better
Write daily in your journal
Keep a running commentary on a social media site.
Ask a friend to be accountability partner.
Draw support from an accountability group.
The more support you get, the better!

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