Willingness to Learn Part 2 on Mindset of the Entrepreneur

Willingness to Learn Part 2 on Mindset Monday

On today’s show, I look at the willingness to learn as a trait of the mindset of an entrepreneur. The internet changes so quickly that an entrepreneur needs to be able to learn new things quickly. As well, he or she should book time during the week just to learn a new lesson that will, most importantly, help them in their business! To get the free workbook on Learning to Business Success go to http://jgtips.com/learn. To learn strategies to develop your success mindset with free book, go to http://jgtips.com/smindset

  1. Mindset of the Entrepreneur
  2. Positive Attitude Passion Action Taker Embrace Change Determination-Persistence-Relentless Willing to take Failure as Feedback – Caleb Wojcik The Why – The Big Picture Patience but actiontaker – Hector Cuevas Willingness to Learn Willingness to Listen and Share with Others
  3. 2. Mindset of the Entrepreneur Imperfect Action is better than no Action Jane Gardner
  4. 3. Positive Attitude Passion Action Taker Embrace Change Persistence Failure as Feedback The “Big Why” Patience
  5. 4. An entrepreneur needs to be open to learning every day
  6. 5. The internet changes so quickly
  7. 6. Facebook changes its logarithm
  8. 7. Google changes search
  9. 8. The tactics that work today
  10. 9. could be gone tomorrow
  11. 10. Better to learn strategies rather than tactics
  12. 11. So you have to be open to
  13. 12. always learning new skills and knowledge
  14. 13. Wisdom without Education is like silver in the mine Benjamin Franklin
  15. 14. If you study any successful entrepreneur, they use all of their life experiences to learn from
  16. 15. They take that learning and apply it to what they are working on at that moment They never stop learning even when they attain their dreams!
  17. 16. Being a successful learner is all about being open Paying attention to everything around you Putting what you learn into action
  18. 17. Barriers to Learning Success 1.No clear plan for learning 2.Too much to learn overwhelm 3.Distractions 4.Fear of Failure 5.Fear of Success
  19. 18. No clear Plan 1. Make some Learning Goals a. Write down a Goal for what you want to learn and most importantly WHY! b. Be specific on your goal in terms of time to get done c. Give yourself positive feedback when you get it done!
  20. 19. Too much -Overwhelm 1. Focus on learning one thing at a time 2. Build your learning by starting with beginning and add on learning in time 3. Remember your brain needs to absorb and keep the learning so it needs a block of learning at a time!
  21. 20. Distractions 1. Try to block out what you don’t need to know now and get on with what you need to know right away! 2. Try to focus on one thing at a time. 3. Shout out the noise, the T.V., internet , phone and focus on “learning time.” 4. Define times for learning, work and non- working time
  22. 21. Fear of Failure 1. Scared to act for fear of failing then recognize and remove that fear 2. Failure is good because it teaches a lesson 3. You fail, you survive and you take away from it a valuable lesson to learn from. 4. ERASE THE WORD FAILURE from your Vocabulary and replace it with LESSON to have a SUCCESS MINDSET
  23. 22. Fear of Success 1. Recognize that you may have a deep seated belief that you don’t deserve success. 2. You feel that you are not ‘worthy ‘ of success. 3. Recognize that and remove it from your SUCCESS MINDSET. 4. Recognize that if you work hard, you deserve the fruits of your labor. 5. As you work towards your goals, you will feel more comfortable seeing yourself as successful!
  24. 23. Know You are Going To Make it! Having a Success Mindset involves losing the things that are holding you back! This is how you have a Mindset for Success Moving Forward with your learning and taking action!
  25. 24. Not Feeling Self Confident FAKE IT! Pretend to be Self Confident and it will become the reality! Especially as you learn new things in your business and move forward!
  26. 25. I have a free workbook “From Learning to Business Success” at http://jgtips.com/learn to help you focus on your priorities when learning!
  27. 26. Mindset of the Entrepreneur Develop your Success Mindset” at http://jgtips.com/smindset Subscribe to Solopreneur Success Strategies channel at http://jgtips.com/youtube
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