Step in Front of the Camera Tips and Tricks

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What next? Which is more important? Background, camera, image, sound. You guessed it ! Sound
You can have a poor quality wifi connection where you pixelate in or out. You can have a dull white background wall – you know you have one!
You can look less than bright and glamorous for the day. Your skin tone can be yellow!
People still listen to your words even if they can’t see the video well. The sound of your voice connects with your viewers. Your voice conveys yours message and conveys your tone, nuance and personality of your voice.
Sound – if you want to improve the Sound of your video, we will give you a few tips.
Sound – what is the Ambience of your room? How big is the room you record in? How small? If small the sound will bounce off and create echos. Is the computer hissing in the background? Did a motorcycle just pass your window? A toilet flush?

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