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The Trends in Customer Experience Strategy

Gone are the days of only shopping local with the advent of the internet. Local stores and home businesses need to get their boat into the internet stream now as their potential customer base becomes international!  Do you have a website? Check! Do you have a mobile responsive website? Check!  Do you have your location, product listed, hours available on your website? Check!  Are you out on social media? No? Do you have a loyalty program? Do you have good customer service? Are you available to chat with customers on website?

Today, these are the minimum of marketing strategies you need to be in the world we live in now.

Here are just some of the customer expectations now and the future trends in customer experience which some companies are lacking and others excel at, right now.


Customers are willing to spread word to 10 times more about bad customer service than good customer service.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty cards

Having a loyalty program may be stale for some businesses but when you combine the loyalty card with the agreement that members will be notified of events and specials through email, you have a powerful combination to “sell more stuff” but also keep your customers loyal as they get to know more about your company from company fundraisers or new discounts on the loyalty card. I wait every week for my local dress shop email to see what is on sale and I don’t even have a loyalty card there. I gave them permission by opting for their email list by giving them my email address. How simple but what a powerful, less expensive form of marketing.

According to a study by L2 research, 90 percent of loyalty program participants say they want to receive regular communication from the brand, and studies show that programs which feature relevant, personalized messages lead to much higher levels of satisfaction.  from Dear Uber: Reward Your Loyal Customers

Better Tutorials and FAQs for your product

One of my pet peeves these days is trying to buy a product without good tutorials to learn quickly how to use the product!  There seems to be a “Rush” to launch products especially on the internet that means the business doesn’t set up a good tutorial section (or neglect it after a few videos) and customer service frequently asked questions.  If your business is great at replying to customers questions on the internet these days, you will get great customer loyalty especially for the technically challenging businesses like web hosting or software.

Customers are empowered when they feel good about their ability to use your product effectively and save time  and money on repairs from  Revolutionary Trends Shift the Customer Experience, Increasing Brand Loyalty for 2016

Omniexperience is the Future and it is Now!

Loyalty cards
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According to omnichannel.me, Omnichannel is more than saying a customer will search on phone, website, ipad or any other device which is a cross channel experience.   Omnichannel is the customer being able to interact with different businesses in a two-way dialogue and there being a sharing of data on customer preferences and brand information so that the customer can make an informed decision on his/her purchase and brand can learn about customers who come into the store but don’t buy. So, a free exchange of data between the store and the customer.

Their company Cloudtags has created an interactive tablet that customers can use in your store to look for product in the store as well in store catalog and they collect data in real-time as customer shops for retailer to learn what customers were looking for when they didn’t buy.

There are several Case Studies by Cloudtags on how the use of the interactive table in the store has increased engagement. For example, Heals had 83% increase in email signup from customers coming into the store using the tablet so of course, there sales went up because the store sent out promotions and events by email.

Gartner, a technology research company,  found that a whopping 89% of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016, a stark rise since 2014 (36%) and 2015 (58%). from  Top 3 Trends in Customer Service for 2016 according to leading analysts

There are companies out there who are changing their form of marketing to prioritize the Customer Experience in their business.   What about you?

Download the CustExperience_Infographic300How to Create the Ideal Customer Experience at each stage of their Journey ”  infographic here and get more tips and ideas to improve your customer experience in your business!

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The bad and the good about being an entrepreneur

I’d like to welcome you to Implement. club where we talk about various subjects but today I’m going to talk about why being an entrepreneur will change your life.

I have been an entrepreneur for about 20 years with my husband in our home based business engineering company.  I came out onto the internet about three years ago to talk to other people about being an entrepreneur and to help them implement and find out how to be an entrepreneur, atake action and make a business out of being an entrepreneur.

 Why being an entrepreneur  will change your life.

Well,  there’s good and bad about being an entrepreneur and I just want to quickly talk about the bad and then we’ll give you the good as we always end with the good!
So.  the bad about being an entrepreneur is of course you’re coming out onto the internet or coming out into the local home business arena and wondering what you want to do, or you know what you want to do but you want to be able to go out and sell.

So,  of course,  everything is brand new to you. Maybe you’ve had experience selling or you haven’t and you’re under a lot of pressure from either your family or yourself to get going and be successful quickly.  You are  not finding that you are getting it done as quickly as you thought.
So, you’re under a lot of a pressure and overwhelmed to get the job done to get various things that you need in your business in order to be successful including clients,  of
course,  as well as the revenue.
Now the other problem,  (and we don’t call it a problem, we call them issues) with being an entrepreneur is that there is always room for failure.
There is always the possibility that whatever i do will be a failure but what the great thing about failure is and I don’t like to use this word failure (but since you
understand that i will say failure), I like to call them mistakes and then I learned from those mistakes and I don’t do them again and I try something new to
get results.
I think it was Richard Branson who said that he had failed many times in his life as an entrepreneur and he will probably keep failing because he will keep trying and whether or not he is  successful or not you never know because you can’t predict the future.
So it’s always good to be able to be willing to fail and hopefully not fail too badly.

Of course,  there’s the pressure of time. The hours are long as an entrepreneur.  It always takes longer than you thought to do some projects and your family and your friends have to be understanding about why you’re not available for them at times because you’re producing or trying to make sales or trying to create a product launch or whatever else you’re trying to do as an entrepreneur.

In summary

So, you’re looking at the possibility of long hours and the possibility of not seeing your family and friends.

There’s a possibility of failure and there’s a possibility of losing money as you start as an entrepreneur and these kind of things you have to be able to be willing to change your mindset so that you can be able to have a failure or be tired or have long hours.
So those are the the bad things about being an entrepreneur in that it will change your life in that way. It’s not a job, it’s certainly a lifestyle.

Good Things

But the good things about being an entrepreneur of course is that you have already have the passion for whatever you’re doing hopefully which will keep you going.

Passion is always good for you and your mindset.

You will be able to have the freedom to decide when you’re going to work, what time are you going to work and also obviously the hours that you are going to work but just to have the freedom to be able to do the things that you want to do when you’re successful as well as being able to do it from your computer rather than having to commute to a  job etc.  I mean you know all these bad things about not being an entrepreneur and obviously the good things.

The most important thing about being an entrepreneur that i have found for myself and my husband is being in control of your own life. We,  I don’t think either of us could probably work for someone else except as a consultant because we’re so used to being able to work on our own and do what we want to do, take the holidays that we want to plan when we want etc.

So,  i hope this gives you a good idea on how being an entrepreneur will change your life and if you would like to have an idea of what how to get started at being an entrepreneur, I have a free ebook and audios that you can listen to to called “Awaken your passion” and it can get you started thinking about being an entrepreneur and that would be at http://jgtips.com/awaken.

You’re welcome to opt in there and you’ll be on my email where we can talk further if you like about becoming an entrepreneur.

I created the implement.club for people who are interested in implementing a bit quicker in their business to make sure they don’t get behind in their dreams and i hope that you will also go and check out implement.club at https://jane-gardner.com/implement.club. 


You can start your own little corner of the world today!


The cost of starting up a website which includes domain name registration for the year and website hosting provider is small in comparison to the costs of  starting a business twenty years ago. 

Before the Internet

Before the internet,  you  had to rent an office or retail space or work from home and do heavy marketing.   You had to have a marketing and advertising budget to reach out only to your local market. Now, you just find your customers all over the world and where they hang out and talk to them and make connections. Your market is now international in scope for your product or service! 

Costs are less to have a business now as you can collaborate, interact, share and send files inexpensively through the Cloud. The Cloud services where data is stored on servers safely can be used for storing enormous amounts of data.  As people get used to their data being not on their desktop and they are more secure about the safety and ease of sharing and collaborating through the Cloud, the desktop computer will become your entrance to the data rather than having to store large amounts of data on your hard drive and running out of space there. 

We’re going through this revolution now, where it’s not 90% cheaper to start a business today than it was 10-15 years ago, it’s 99% from CBC’s Next Gen Den is the Dragon’s Den for Millennials with entrepreneurial spirit – Interview with Michael Hyatt

In the best times ever

We’re in the best time ever as far as we can tell because you can create your own media officially, and have the whole world see it,” says Dennard of The Fuzzy Pineapple, a startup jewellry maker from the Entrepreneurial spirit thrives at Fuzzy Pineapple

She considers The Fuzzy Pineapple to be her own little corner of the world. A start-up sensation, Dennard built her own website and fully embraces online platforms like Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, and Pinterest to sell her goods. She even has a Kickstarter campaign in the works that aims to create an application that would allow customers to customize items.

From small acorns, large oaks can grow and the internet can expand your horizons beyond your local market.  With a website outlining your product or service and you getting out there to connect and interact and find your potential customers, the “world is your oyster” and your business can be the pearl within growing as your business goes out into the world. 

So, what’s stopping you now?  

As Gary Vaynerchuk says from Gary Vaynerchuk: This Is an Entrepreneurial Wakeup Call for 40+ Year-Olds

“They feel like it’s a young man’s sport—and it’s just not. If you’ve got the right DNA and you’re a 72-year-old female, you have just as good of a bet as a 27-year-old dude. But you’ve been trained and storytold to and positioned and lived.” 

You have the life experiences, you’ve been in the workaday world, you’ve gotten the knowledge and the skills so you should get out there and share your knowledge; your passion or your skills with others from ‘your own little corner of the world.” 

You don’t know how to create a website or design a sales page ..no worries.  

There is help here at The Business of At Home Business membership as it is our mission to fill in the spots of missing knowledge you need to learn enough in order to empower and move your business forward on the internet.  


Simplify and Test!

Testing, testing and Simplify, Simplify^ are my takeaways from this+Entrepreneur article for online business.
Always be testing and changing things on your website or in your autoresponder or shopping cart ( I tell you these are new words for anyone not on online too!) to see what visitors respond to easiest is a concept much easier to do online than in the corporate world.
According to +Adam Toren
According to the Baymard Insitute, nearly 70 percent of all online shopping carts are abandoned. That’s a lot of people ditching your products after they’ve expressed interest in purchasing. Up your conversion odds at checkout time by streamlining your shopping cart experience with a single page, frictionless experience. While studies and industry best practices may vary, by and large a shorter checkout experience gives the consumer less chance to get frustrated or change their minds.”  
For me, I have had this breakthrough from coaching this month that I need to simplify my website experience and remember that people buy from people on the internet, they don’t trust a faceless BLUE HEAD! (ie no picture on your Google+ Profile)

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