Now is the Time

Now is your Time!

Now is the Time for you to step up and share your wisdom and skills. The world is pivoting after the crisis in 2020, the WORLD had to jump faster onto internet and develop quicker, the skills to be online.  Forget individuals having to jump, the whole economy of businesses and corporations all of a sudden, had to send their employees home to work and get their corporation communicating and messaging on the internet to their employees, customers and their suppliers.  These businesses had plans to “get onto the internet” in their future with their business but they were too busy and boom, March 2020, they had to suddenly BE ON THE INTERNET!

Ray Edwards “Now is the Time” video -5 Reasons why now is the time speaks to me as I have decided Now is the Year for Jane to be the Educator, Trainer, Knowledge broker and Implementer on Streaming Television and how being on TV can expand your Business.

Now it can be lonely being the Trailblazer for the idea that anyone can be on Television now. People look at me confused when I say you can be on TV and you can make money. Those companies or individuals on streaming TV already know what I mean when I say you can have 1000 to 200000 people watching your television channel.

So, I have to innovate and pivot now.  When all of a sudden, everyone, yes, everyone (other than those people who didn’t have easy access to the internet in the world) had to learn “what is Zoom and how do I use it” just in order to connect with family or even just connect with another human being! Businesses had to rush to get their business onto the internet to sell or deliver their goods, communicate with employees and their suppliers and exchange goods or services for money.

All of a sudden, everyone knows what Zoom is and they are on the internet. What are you doing to help share your wisdom with others? The whole world is waiting for it!


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The Business of At Home Business Community is Open!

Finally the Business of At Home Business Community is open for those who want to start, run and grow their home business. 20 Business courses, Social media trainings, Members Directory and Forum and Open Office Hours to ask your questions. This month September $1 to hang out and then Founders rate lifetime of $9.95. Get your home busines moving quicker while spending less on the internet at http://boahbtips.com/members.

Questions, email me at jgardner@boahb.com.

I am looking for successful entrepreneurs to interview for Season 4 of Solopreneur Success Strategies.


2079 5 Hacks to Grow your Business

5 Hacks to Grow your Business which you may or may not know but you haven’t implemented in your marketing plan. You need to grow your business at all time so automating a few ways will help increase your reach. You can find out more at https://thebusinessofathomebusiness.com where the Members Community is open at http://boahbtips.com/members


2077 Starting a Home Business A Funnel is not for Cooking!

Before you Start your Home Business, you should check out the internet because an internet business is not the same as a local home business. When I went up on the internet, I kept hearing the term funnel when people talked about marketing and I thought a funnel was for cooking!

Now words like outsourcing, marketer, autoresponder or ROI or any of the terms on the internet that you don’t hear for local business can be confusing. So, it is worth getting some knowledge of marketing and selling on the internet without taking years to do the training.

I have opened the Business of At Home Business Member Community to help with gaining skills and knowledge quckly at http://boahb.com.


2075 Season 3 of Solopreneur Success Strategies

Welcome to Season 3 of Solopreneur Success Strategies where we talk about mindset of the entrepreneur; how to start a home business, customer and selling, how to run a home business and grow a home business and everything related to being a Home Business Entrepreneur

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