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Now is the Time for One Thing

Now is the time to focus on One Thing.

Now is not the time to sit back and read a book

(unless it is a good business book like “Overdeliver” by Brian Kurtz or “Getting Everything You Can out of All You’ve Got” by Jay Abraham.)

Now is the time to ask the “One Thing” question by Gary Keller and Jay by Papasan which is

“What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Focusing only on one thing knowing that the rest will fall into place as you move forward. With the uncertainty and stress on what tomorrow will bring what is the one thing you can commit to do to move your business forward easily?


2076 Mindset is Everything

Mindset is Everything. You need a positive mindset when you are an Entrepreneur to overcome the challenges and stress of being in a home office.

I talk about some of the challenges today in the office and how I have trained myself to take a breath and realize “Tomorrow is a Better Day.”

Even knowing another challenge is coming tomorrow I need to do, I still feel excited about what tomorrow will bring.

Negative mindset can stop you in your tracks so you need a growth positive mindset to keep moving forward.

So train your brain to remove and negative and accentuate the positive every day. For more on mindset go to http://jgtips.com/mindset.

The Five Steps to Starting a Home Business - Step 1 - Mindset

The Five Steps to Starting a Home Business – Step 1 – Mindset

[ezps_tp_post_layout video=”3IrsI_H7GEg” description=”What is the right home business for you? Do you have a business idea or do you have no clue? On this series, we look at the 5 Steps to Starting a Home Business. Your home business depends on your time, your passion, your location, your investment needed and whether or not that idea is viable. Lots to talk about. To learn more go to http://boahbtips.com/stepbystep” subscribe=”UCBpCKiUtSG9vdX2wDmM5vVQ”]


2073 Positive Attitude of the Successful Entrepreneur

While healthy skepticism is fine, an entrenched and cranky skepticism is usually a sign of negative thinking. Positive Thinking is all enjoying the ride that life provides. Its about flexibility, creativity, and developing and maintaining a strong passion for those things you love. Its about gusto and bravo and doing things with panache. It is an embrace of ll the powers each of us is capable when we throw off the chains of tradition, expectation and routine results. Changing your personal management style to one that encompasses positive results can give you the power and freedom to choose success.


20172 Your Inner Voice and Your Mindset

Today as an entrepreneur I think the easiest way to be successful is to be able to control and have a positive mindset with the stresses and the challenges of being an entrepreneur it sometimes overwhelms. It’s very difficult sometimes to feel why are you here as much per when you could just be off doing a job. But of course we all know why you’re here it’s because you want to be in control of your life and you enjoy the challenges of being an entrepreneur. The most critical issue with being an entrepreneur and having the mindset and keeping a positive attitude is your inner voice. We all have an inner voice and some days they can be very loud and sometimes they can be quiet but we have to be able to be able to train our brains so that we can remove the negative. Increase the positive attitude in order to keep on going so I just wanted to show you that’s your inner voice can make a huge difference in your life, in your happiness, in your success, and your productivity. You can easily talk to yourself but when you begin to ask yourself there becomes a problem unless you’re willing to learn how to change some of your attitude. You want to listen to your talk and then provide answers can actually be very useful to your well-being so rather than saying let’s just shut up. Listen to the voice and to be honest as an entrepreneur you need to listen to a lot of things and if you can listen to your voice and read and recognize when you’re speaking negatively and having negative thoughts you’ll be halfway there.

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