2076 Mindset is Everything

Mindset is Everything. You need a positive mindset when you are an Entrepreneur to overcome the challenges and stress of being in a home office.

I talk about some of the challenges today in the office and how I have trained myself to take a breath and realize “Tomorrow is a Better Day.”

Even knowing another challenge is coming tomorrow I need to do, I still feel excited about what tomorrow will bring.

Negative mindset can stop you in your tracks so you need a growth positive mindset to keep moving forward.

So train your brain to remove and negative and accentuate the positive every day. For more on mindset go to


20172 Your Inner Voice and Your Mindset

Today as an entrepreneur I think the easiest way to be successful is to be able to control and have a positive mindset with the stresses and the challenges of being an entrepreneur it sometimes overwhelms. It’s very difficult sometimes to feel why are you here as much per when you could just be off doing a job. But of course we all know why you’re here it’s because you want to be in control of your life and you enjoy the challenges of being an entrepreneur. The most critical issue with being an entrepreneur and having the mindset and keeping a positive attitude is your inner voice. We all have an inner voice and some days they can be very loud and sometimes they can be quiet but we have to be able to be able to train our brains so that we can remove the negative. Increase the positive attitude in order to keep on going so I just wanted to show you that’s your inner voice can make a huge difference in your life, in your happiness, in your success, and your productivity. You can easily talk to yourself but when you begin to ask yourself there becomes a problem unless you’re willing to learn how to change some of your attitude. You want to listen to your talk and then provide answers can actually be very useful to your well-being so rather than saying let’s just shut up. Listen to the voice and to be honest as an entrepreneur you need to listen to a lot of things and if you can listen to your voice and read and recognize when you’re speaking negatively and having negative thoughts you’ll be halfway there.


2069 Be Flexible in Your Business

There is nothing more stifling to success than rigid thinking. When there is comfort to the routinecan choke off all changes that you will be able to successfully reach your business goals. Information is power and control and money all rolled into one. Everything changes quickly and what is popular now can be old news tomorrow. The only way to successfully stay on top of information and use it to your advantage is to be flexbile enough to roll with the changes. For more on success mindset go to

Hand writing New Mindset New Results with black marker on transparent wipe board.

2002 Mindset of the Entrepreneur Introduction on Mindset Monday


On HomebizStartupTv podcast, Season 2 of Solopreneur Success Strategies, Monday is all about the Mindset of the Entrepreneur.  The Entrepreneurial Mindset is very different from the
Employee Mindset or the Small Business Mindset. The Entrepreneur needs to be able to focus but also be able to change directions at any time with the uncertainty of not knowing what the future holds.  On Mindset Monday, we will be looking at the Mindset of the Entrepreneur.



2053 Being Confident in your Success as an Entrepreneur

True success comes from confidence and confidence in return comes from success they each revolve around the other and the ultimate symbiotic relationship. However, this is not a what came first” the chicken or the egg” proposition. Confidence definitely proceeds success in that order. That’s because the quiet assurance of true confidence as opposed to cockiness serves to lay the foundations for reaching a goal. In this way, confidence is more of an outward expression of an inward persona than it is the pose or affectation of cockiness. On the other hand, cockiness is simply an outward shield that masks an inner insecurity. For more on success mindset, see #motivationmonday #mindset

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