Video marketing may be the only way to market on the internet in the future!

The future is here and Video is the future

Are you doing video? Are you on camera or doing screenshare videos? If you want a case for getting out your video camera or smartphone, here is a story for you.

In 2012, Dollar Shave Club came out with a subscription delivery of razor blades monthly service for men.  All they used was video of relatable men with the  message “Our Blades are F**Great” and they sold  12000 customers in 2 days on Youtube according to Marketingland article.  Today, Unilever bought DollarShave Club for 1 Billion dollars. The ONLY marketing they do is by video.  When asked about the role video plays the company’s overall marketing strategy, Weber defines it as the heartbeat of Dollar Shave Club’s brand. via A CMO’s View: How Dollar Shave Club built its brand on video marketing

If you want to see what works in video, you can check out the current list of Top Video Creators in this article. Now, they are mostly news video companies but the format, length and topics that found the most views may be worth studying.
According to Tubular Labs video analytics, the top 100 videos earned a combined 40.4 billion views across YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Instagram. via Marketing Day: June’s top 10 video creators, expanded text ads & Dollar Shave Club’s CMO

You can check out my Solopreneur Success StrategiesTV show here.  Why did I do a video format rather than presentation slides or written?

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Video shows your personality and your flaws.  🙂  You get to know me a little more and you may decide to trust me to have a connection with you which the written word can’t convey.

According to this article by Kelly Adams, video testimonials have been successful on sales pages because it will …

.. let your prospects hear a client or customer speak passionately about your product – I guarantee you’ll notice an uptick in engagement. via 11 Stellar Video Promotion Ideas to Attract New Visitors

So, go get your iphone and turn on the camera or install that webcam or use Jing or Snagit software to capture your website screen because it is time for you to shine on camera!




Have developed an ultimate tv channel system that will be easy and rock up your influence by being SEEN EVERYWHERE NOW! 🖥️ 🎥 🎞️ 🖥️ 🔪

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so today we’re talking about PayPal and as a payment system in your business and how it can work for you while you are busy doing other things, so System Saturday is all about talking about automating and optimizing your business systems so that you can obviously be making money instead of making work for yourself and your business and being able to save time for yourself and your family and have more marketing time in order to work and get more clients or get more business depending on what your business is. For more free trainings, go to HomeBusinessStartupToolkit at

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Regret – "Je ne regrette rien" – Daniel Pink author of one of my favourite books "To Sell is Human" is writting book on Regret and did a survey found Regret can be a powerful force to move you forward or keep you stuck. Learn from your mistakes and celebrate you are moving forward.

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Is Instagram right for your Brand? Exploring Instagram and its unique features to other social media, we look at ways Brands have been successful on Instagram

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Solopreneur Success Strategies TV

Today we look at Business Model to decide for your Online Business and what is your Goal for Finances with the business. For free "My Success Map" optin for

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