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Blogging is changing as the internet changes.


The social media platforms have changed the ways we engage. There is Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram live video so people can connect in a more intimate way. The new wave is of “Emotional Influencers”  as mentioned in the Problogger post as a young person with a smartphone becomes an instant celebrity as he or she shares their newest skateboard trick.


Where does that leave the blogging community?

raving fans
Have a look at the Problogger post as they are saying the new trend will be that advertisers will be looking for large followings or (what I like to call) your raving fans.  With less people watching television, the advertisers will have to go where their customers are hanging out. If you have a focused email subscriber list reading your blog then  you have an audience willing to consume your content.

1 focused subscriber list + 1 blog = Content attractive to advertisers.

This is a new shift where advertisers will go to find out where their potential customers are hanging out.  You need to make your blog, the place to hang out.

The first thing you need to know is you have something no other media outlet has, religious loyal following. You have what’s called ‘emotional influence’. No brand or traditional advertiser has this. New Challenges for Advertisers & Why Bloggers and Influencers Will Be Their New Best Friend


Need to Grow your Subscriber List?  Jeff Bullas has some ideas on how…

If you are concerned about the quality of your email subscriber list and you want to grow it then a blog post by Jeff Bullas will give you some tips on how to find more subscribers. The conventional wisdom is that you should define your ideal customer by creating an ideal customer profile so you can speak their language. Well, this is a new idea that Jeff Bullas brings forward is to create your anti-ideal customer profile. If you know who you don’t want to attract then you know the messaging you don’t want to do!  According to the blog post, Pokemon Go is so successful because they know who their ideal customer is!  Read the blog post and see if you can create your anti-ideal customer profile as well!

Pokemon has a close match between qualities within a profile of their ideal customers and qualities their real customers have. This close match contributed to Pokémon Go’s wild marketing success. from  3 Unique Marketing Strategies Inspired by Pokemon Go

Leveraging the power of other people’s blogs


Now if you haven’t heard one of the current strategies to grow your blog audience is to write for Influencer blogs.  If an Influencer (defined as someone with a large subscription list who has a high profile in the blogging community) allows you to do a post for their blog then you might get his (her) members to be curious and sign up on your subscriber list.

Now Ryan Biddulph has several tips about how to grow your blog but I think i liked this one the best …

The Universe loves doling out high profile opportunities to someone who loves the spotlight.

I rarely if ever turn down an interview.

Whether a blog attracts 5 or 5 million readers monthly I will set aside 5 to 15 minutes to answer questions.

via 7 Tips for Getting Featured on High Profile Blogs!

Even influencers  need to keep a consistent flow of blog content on their website so interviews or guest posts have become quite a new trend for blogs.  Before, it was all about sharing your stories but now, we are looking for variety so having guest posts and interviews on your blog will spice up your blog.  So, the new trend is to learn how to be interview and interview others on your blog to share their wisdom!

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