Video Marketing is the Future of Advertising to your Customers

Storytelling that is what video is on the internet!

Great video doesn’t change the rules. A great video on your site isn’t enough. You still need permission, still need to seek remarkability, still need to create something that matters. What video represents is the chance—if you invest in it—to tell your story in a way that sticks.  from Seth’s Blog: Using video well

Whether a video in Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, a video still has to tell a story. It may be a silly one; a “what the…” or just watching a person sleep.. as long as someone is willing to watch, people are willing to make videos. Do you know people watch people playing games on their Xbox?!   There is just the human connection; the facial gestures; the voice that connects us all as humans.

Facebook users view nearly 100 million hours of video every day, while Instagram viewers have increased their video viewing by 40 percent in the past year. In February, it added more options for advertisers by adding captions to silent videos in the news feed. And then of course, there’s also Facebook Live, which rolled out to all iPhone users earlier this year. via Facebook Is Expanding Its Video Ads With Publishers Like USA Today and Daily Mail from

What does this mean for you? You’d better get out your smartphone video, , your green screen and a great microphone because people are interacting with video.

Roughly two-thirds of US agency and marketing professionals said they expect to increase their desktop video ad spending, as well as mobile video ad spending, within the next 12 months, according to March 2016 research. via Marketers Expected to Shift More Dollars Toward Desktop, Mobile Video Ads – eMarketer

If you would like to know more about video and its future,  you can get Video Marketing, 21 Case Studies to inspire you  here.

Time to get out that video camera or computer webcam and start telling stories!

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