5 things your teacher didn’t tell you about websites

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5 Things your Teacher never told you about websites

  1. You need one these days.

There are 41 percent of internet users in the East and 14 percent of internet users  in North America.

So, how are they going to talk to you unless you’re on the internet. So, do you have a website?  Your teacher never told you that you need a website if you have a business.
2. You need to know that website design changes  and that there  are trends in websites from one year to the next.

I had a very simple website in the 1980s using HTML .
Now you can do all kinds of things with your website.  So, I can add a video, I can add an infographic, I can have a link to my facebook on my website, I can have a link to http://Medium.com on my website with current articles I have written. You can display links to the various courses, products or services that you sell.  You can have the
opt-in box for email so  you can collect your visitors who are interested in using your website.

So, why don’t you have one?

At a very basic level, an email opt-in for your subscribers and videos for your people to watch and links to any services or products that you have would make the website of value.

3. Websites need to be Mobile Responsive

One more important thing that happened in 2016 is now that your website has to be mobile responsive.
More about 70% of people who look at your website are probably on mobile phones. So you need to be able to have a website that’s responsive on mobile as well as on the desktop.

4. The power of email

Your teacher never knew (in my time) about email. She did not know about getting subscribers to your list.

5. Keeping up with website Theme trends

The internet trends change so quickly now.  I had a different theme then the Get Noticed Theme now
last year but I liked this Get Noticed Theme as it made the website more personable.  So, having a good theme is also one of the 5 things  that your teacher never told you about the internet.

So, that’s basically the five things that your teacher never told you about the internet that is basically crucial for
your business.

  1. You need a website
  2. Internet website Trends quickly
  3. You have to have a mobile responsive website
  4. The power of email
  5. Keep Theme up to date with Trends
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