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What is a Big Idea for 2022

Here’s an idea for #bigideas2022.
Streaming Television will be the new frontier for marketers and companies.
We’ve seen through the pandemic how quickly On-Demand Television has grown with Roku and AmazonFire both gaining 10 million subscribers in a year to have up to 50 million subscribers. The culture and Television market is changing as people get tired of increased cable prices and cut the cord to watch Youtube, Netflix, Roku and Amazon Prime.
There is a new phrase “binge watching” as people consume full series in a sitting instead of watching weekly. Incredible demand from these streaming services for content, content, content and budgets for show production and creation. With all this content there is demand for free and subscription TV channels for people to be entertained, educated and engaged.
With Roku and AmazonFire allowing direct publishers to create TV Channels there is new media platform for companies to engage, connect and promote their product and services to the world.
Can you imagine a new TV Channel for Seattle business what’s happening with TV shows profiling small business stores and other shows with daily specials from restaurants and live feed from the Seattle Pike Place market?
So exciting time! I have developed a website Ultimate TV Channel System and you can find trainings there about developing your own TV Channel!  Can you imagine?! #netflix #netflix #media #streaming
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