Why your Personality is Cuter than a Kitten on the Internet

Have you found that when you are on social media that your interactions are not interactions.

You are doing a lot of Facebook posts, tweets and there’s nothing. People  are using a profile of a cat instead of their face.

If you see me on the web, for example, @janegardnerbiz on tweeter, excuse me, twitter. You know what I look like whether you like it or not!

I just thought this would be cute as kittens are cute. Watching a kitten you can do it for hours. When it comes with interacting with you, you have to be human.

So, please first,  please put your profile on Facebook and get your face out there. It may not be the face that one person may not want to look at but others might.

With spammers out there,  you never know if a profile  is a real person out there.

Having a picture of a cat as your Facebook profile, you know a cat can’t post,  YET!

This wasn’t what I was going to talk about.

I was talking about your personality and how being interactive and being on video and not being shy, you  really can get people to know like and trust you.

You know me a little bit now because I am on video.
You don’t want to be a kitten profile, you want to be human because people don’t interact with kittens, they only interact with their own kitten.
You can make them laugh, cry, angry. You can talk to them more if you have a personality.

If you are having trouble connecting with others and no one seems to be engaging with you, try getting on camera and doing video.

At least put a profile on Facebook with a photo of you and see how that helps.

People want to get to know you, they want to like you and they want to trust you.

The only way they are going to do this is if you show yourself as a person and have the personality that they can connect with.

So why don’t you do three steps.

3 Steps to becoming human on the internet!

1. Get yourself on camera. Do a video. You can do Facebook video. You can get your webcam out.

2. You can tell stories about yourself. You can tell stories about your business. You can just talk to people about your business even if you are like me and talking to the camera. Talk as if you are talking to them in person.

3? What was it?

3. You have to be open about problems you are having either with your business or in your life because you want them to be able to relate to you. So, they say “hey he has the same problems as I do so maybe he’ll be able to help me with the solutions as he is doing much better!”

3? (No, sorry 4th) Its all about understanding other people which requires some training to listen to other people and see what they are trying to tell you but not really telling you. 

Get on camera. Its lot more fun than a kitten to watch me being silly.

The reason I did this video is to tell you about the report I have about influence.

How you can be an influencer in your business?

How you can be seen as an expert and get people to know, like and trust you?

You can go to http://jgtips.com/expert  and you’ll get a optin on “Some Thoughts on Influence” and audios to start thinking about how you can start to be seen as an influencer.

You can go to http://jgtips.com/influence to see my offer on becoming an influencer in your industry!

It was just the kittens that got to me. 

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