21 ways showcase your expertise

[ezps_tp_post_layout video=”DnmnTSuPpWU” description=”You need to be out there and showing your face so step one put the past into perspective realize that it takes time to build up credibility that think about others who gained your trust what caught your attention what did you feel about them that person offer that made them seem to be credible what did you buy and why how well did that product deliver how hard you have to work to maintain that relationship did they disappear or are they still here in your email in your information etc. and what’s the connection instant or was it developed over time after they showed you that they were credible. For more on being credible go to https://findingyourpurposetv.com/credibility” subscribe=”UCBpCKiUtSG9vdX2wDmM5vVQ”]

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