Spotlight on Esther K. Shpitalnik of

[ezps_tp_post_layout video=”IHwqh3-dHJQ” description=”Esther is an attorney turned marketer turned sales executive turned success consultant. In her personal journey through various careers, life challenges, achievements, and some failures along the way, she was perpetually seeking the answers to "who am I", "why am I stuck", and "how can I be successful." "In my deepest core, I knew that it was my destiny to do more, to be more, but just when I would be at the cusp of "more," I felt like something was holding me back, like a ball and chain on my ankle weighing me down from grasping my success. Through a great deal of work — personally, and with coaches — I came to understand exactly what (or should I say who) was holding me back: ME! I realized I wasn’t afraid of failure — I had failed plenty of times in my life; I was afraid of success! "
"So I imagined a world in which I was successful. And from this, es, esq., – Success Consultant, was born.
Outside of work, I enjoy being a mama, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and community lead” subscribe=”UCBpCKiUtSG9vdX2wDmM5vVQ”]

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