Don’t be so overwhelmed that you forget the basics of your corner of the internet!


What! Jane being silly?!  You have to laugh or else the overwhelm will overtake you! 

I created this website about six months  and I have just realized I haven’t setup the email mailbox for it!

Just think of all the enquiries and offers I have missed because I forgot this basic step when creating a website.  🙂     I know it is a new website so I have to send people here.

I admit this freely that I got involved in all the loading of plugins and writing of blog posts and hooking up video and audio players!  I plead guilty as I am human!

I’m listening to Adele while writing this post so I ‘m getting some of angst out while I listen to Adele’s problems!

For those who are new to the internet and creating a WordPress website,  (honestly, it is easy ) you just have to remember these steps:

  1. Get your domain name.
  2. Get your hosting.
  3. Make sure your domain name points to your hostings if they aren’t on the same hosting provider.  Now there is a video for me to do – I can almost do it in my sleep!
  4. Use 1 click install of WordPress.
  5. CREATE THE EMAIL MAILBOX for your domain in CPanel.    Oops!
  6. Setup your Email software to fetch the emails from your mailbox.
  7. Do a few posts and setup some plugins.
  8. Set up an autoresponder to capture your subscribers emails.
  9. Etc., etc.

        Anyway, I’m listening to Adele ( Someone like you)   so I’m distracted and it is Friday night and I’m sitting at the computer to wait 30 minutes so I can go back and verify my domain email                  which I’m moving to…. a story for another time!

       So, this is just a story about being overwhelmed by all the things you have to do just to get your message out.  We are all human.  I’m going to have to make MYSELF a checklist for website                setup as I have about 10 more email mailboxes I forgot to setup!  Overwhelm really?!      My takeaway from this is I will be an expert at setting up mailboxes in CPanel and pointing the MX                 records elsewhere by the time I am done!   VIDEO later

      Now, I should have a call to you to sign up for something here but I think you can get on my list just to “See what’s happening” in the header.  Why not we go on this adventure together creating       our own corner of the internet ….

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