Google Trends now!

Google Trends are worth researching when looking at your Niche!

If you want to know what is Trending in the world,Google Trends is the place to find out what people are looking for as Google is the major search engine in world. Today , just today, there were 3,557,000,000 people searching in Google.


The greatest number of searching , according to Topic, was to Google Maps. As you can imagine, people want to find out how to get somewhere, people want to learn about another place on the map and people want to check out closest restaurant or business in the area.



Google Searches this week – Google itself!

What are the top queries (what are people asking ) in Google Search today?

Well, no surprise, Google itself is being searched for as there are major change in Gooogplus that people are trying to find.



Where in the world is the word Google searched?

According to Google Trends, the word Google is searched most in Algeria, Tunisia and Pakistan with only on average 43% searching in North America. What does that mean? It means you should be always thinking internationally when you are doing  messaging!

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