Google Analytics as a Website Traffic Analysis System on Systems Saturday

Google Analytics is a  freemium web analytics service offered by Google

It tracks and reports website traffic.  Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

It can track:

  • How many unique and repeat visitors go to your site/blog each month?
  • What countries is your traffic coming from?
  • Which websites, blogs, and search engines are referring your visitors?
  • Do your visitors prefer to access your business on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC?
  • Which web browser do they use?
  • Which pages of your site attract the most traffic?
  • What type of content engages your prospects and keeps them on your site, and what kinds of content have them leaving in a hurry?

Perhaps most importantly, which of your marketing campaigns and strategies are the most and least effective? It is a website traffic monitoring system everyone should connect to their website.


Automate your Business in a week Training

1.Tips and Tricks to Automate Chores and Organize your Computer

2.Minimum Website Optimized Plugins Tools

3.Setup an automated Email system

4.Setup an Operating Procedures Binder quickly using Templates

5.Keep Secure your Computer and WordPress files

6.Google Analytics setup

and many more depending on what the beta group says they want to add as systems into their business to save them time and money!

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