Where to Get Help for your Business Plan on Strategy Sunday

Where to get Help with your Business Plan on Strategy Sunday

On today’s show I talk about how you can get even more detail put into your business plan if you are going to capital or bank funding or government grants. One place for great resource on creating a business plan is Score.org which besides the templates and resources it has on its website, it has mentoring help from professionals to help advise U.S. citizens on their business.
Now, for anyone who doesn’t need a lot of startup capital, a simpler business plan is fine but I go over the Score.org template to see the extra information that is needed in it. In order to have a lifestyle business, you need to know the goals for 1, 3 and 5 year and your vision of your lifestyle business. You should design your business to your lifestyle rather than altering your lifestyle to fit into the business. That is a lifestyle business.
My offer today is htpp://jgtips.com/plan assistance with creating your yearly lifestyle business plan.

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