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A Mistake to Avoid if you want to share your Content on Facebook.

It seems like “fast” never quite rates “fast enough!” When it comes to facebook api any Facebook marketer will tell you that Facebook can change the API quickly to make it relevant to keep people on Facebook Well, let me do my part to help speed things up for you by giving you this facebook api article to help you make sure you share your content correctly to keep it engaging for your fans.

Facebook is deprecating the Graph API v. 2.3 on July 10, 2017 to try to combat FAKE NEWS! The new Graph v 2.9 as they say ” Graph API version 2.9 includes a 90 day deprecation of the ability to edit previews attached to link posts.”

What does that mean to you as a marketer? If you have an automatic Facebook posting software, after July 10th, 2017, you can not change the image that is in your blog post before you send it to Facebook. The Facebook Graph API will only pick up the “Featured Image” on your post (so hopefully you have one).

Now, myself, I do a lot of video posts (vlogs) and the posts don’t have an image because I want my visitor to watch the vlog. So, previously, i would add an image to my post relevant to the video when I previewed and set up my posts inside my posting software.

According to Facebook ” We’re working to find other solutions that allow publishers to share customized content on our platform, and we will have more to share in the coming weeks.” Until then if you are posting to Facebook you had better make sure your “Featured Image” is in blog post.

As with anything, this will change and adapt over time. But, from my direct, day-to-day facebook api experience, smart Facebook marketers – regardless of your current situation – will take heed and apply the information in this article immediately.

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