More Credibility, Expert Status and more …with a TV Show

Speakers, Influencers, Consultants, and Experts:

Do you want more publicity, leads, and exposure that leads to clients wanting to work with you?

Imagine having your own TV show.

Imagine appearing on 2-3 TV shows per week, being interviewed by experts in your market .

Imagine being able to be seen as the Expert you are by people you haven’t met because they saw your TV show or interview on other’s media show.

Here’s the reason TV is so hot right now:

1) TV can be super-easy when done right, plus it can be strategically leveraged into other media channels

2) The online print “lead magnet” market is saturated.

3) If someone watches you live on TV, there is huge credibility.

4) When someone comes to your site, they WANT to work with you (they are pre-sold you are an expert because of the TV credibility).

5)When done strategically, an online TV Show can have You being seen everywhere on the internet!

6)When you are the FACE of your Business and get out in front of the camera, people get to know, like and trust you quicker than reading a book or listening to a podcast.

You are watching me now! You are judging me by your first impression of me, my stutter, my repetitive use of “ums”  and “so” or even by what I wear.

However, you are thinking “she is brave with warts and all” and “I couldn’t do that and have people judge me.”  The reality is you and I and everyone are being judged from our photo, our words, our look, our reactions and what we do. So, why not be brave and show your human side!

The future of the internet is more video, more human relationships and being in front of the camera.  I don’t see the world turning back to Powerpoint presentations and animations or robots being the Face of the Business.

You are the FACE of the business,  so come out from behind the camera.


Streaming TV

On Demand TV
OTT (Over the Top TV)
Cut the Cord TV

Whatever you call it,  Streaming TV is growing exponentially as more people find Cable TV expensive or limiting in its programming.

Before 2020, streaming TV was new and novelty but with the pandemic, people are searching to be entertained, educated or try e-learning.

To encourage new subscribers, Streaming TV networks are creating and  buying new programming and winning awards – Netflix and Amazon Prime win awards every year!

To encourage new subscribers, Roku and AmazonFire opened up their technology to Direct Publishers like myself to create free and subscription based TV channels on their network.

At this moment in time, a Direct Publishing network like myself has the ability to have  free TV channels and subscription based channels  on Roku, AmazonFire and AppleTV easily

Amazon Fire has    40  million subscribers  (Jan 2020)
Roku Network has 43 Million Subscribers (Oct 2020)
Apple TV has 40 Million Subscribers (Aug 2020)

For Free TV channels, a visitor views TV CHANNEL description in  Roku Guide and installs your channel in order to see it or you as the owner give them the link inside of Roku or Amazonfire.

For a Subscription based TV Channel (SDK), a visitor signs up for membership on website in order to link and  view the subscription TV (much like Netflix except you have your own channel membership website).

You are not dependent on major networks  to have your own TV show.

You don’t have to work on local cable TV anymore.

You can have  your own TV show on Streaming TV which as you have seen has millions of viewers searching for TV shows to watch!

Feel free to book a time to talk to me about Streaming TV!


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