Streaming TV History

From Foundation from Economic Education, a personal history illustrated by Sean on how we have come to being a Streaming TV culture now. Entertaining and illustrative !  The future is now!

Streaming media is the future.

Entrepreneurial startups outside of mainstream media.

From Blockbuster (who’s that) to now with Netflix subscription DVD’s shipped to your home ( I remember those days) to now.

Digital technology made in -person rental obsolete.

Success in the market depends on intuition as you never know whether an innovation will turn out to be true!

The customer determines what they want and they drive the economy.

Netflix by 2010 had no competitors in streaming TV and Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy.

Free market has increased the number of streaming TV channels and apps and they continue to add new Channels.

2011, Netflix and Amazon started to create their own original content and shows.

By 2018, there are new niche TV networks and Disney+ become a Streaming TV service.

All due to the consumer making choices when it came to streaming TV and there is no monopoly or antitrust action stopping from TV networks being created and successful or fail.

Open competition and innovation has developed the history of Streaming TV.

The new innovative Streaming TV open market and competition will only continue to grow as the consumer subscriber growth affects the success or failure of a streaming TV network on demand distribution.

Competive market like Streaming TV is a lesson in economics.

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