School can Limit your Mindset on Mindset Monday

Schools and workplaces are hierarchical.
Instruction and evaluation come from above.
Those in positions of authority have all the answers and know best.
We learn this chain of command from early on.
We also learn that questioning the status quo and challenging authority can land you in a great deal of trouble.
You need to Follow Rules.
This hierarchical system naturally requires rules and discipline.
A great deal of a child’s first few years at school involve learning how to sit, line-up, talk, behave, eat, and so on.
There is clearly a need to maintain order for management purposes, but we carry this reliance on rules into adulthood, where it doesn’t serve us so well.
You need to Learn and Then Do.
Tasks in school are given to children with instructions, examples, and demonstrations.
We read about concepts before applying them.
Learning starts with theory and ends with practice and actually doing something.
This is the opposite of the entrepreneurial mindset, which sees trying something as the first step, with the learning coming afterward.

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