Willingness to Listen as a Trait of the Entrepreneur

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The Willingness to Listen
Relationships are based on reciprocity.
This is obvious to most business people, but what is the ratio of your giving and taking?
Does it appear to the other person that you talk and never listen
In a good relationship, there’s always a dialog
You should always strive to listen more than you talk.
“emotional intelligence,” was first used in 1990.

Emotional intelligence is commonly described as theability to perceive, evaluate, and manage emotions in others and ourselves.
Many experts consider it to be a better indicator for success than someone’s IQ.
Your ability to manage yourself and others is dependent on your emotional intelligence.
Try these techniques to develop and increase your emotional intelligence:
1.Accept responsibility for your emotions and actions.

Realize that outside influences
don’t determine your emotions and behavior.
You can view things from a different perspective, and choose how you’ll respond.
2.Work on your listening skills.
If you force yourself to focus 100% on whoever you’re interacting with, you’ll be in a better position to notice and evaluatewhat they’re thinking and feeling.
It isn’t easy to hide one’s emotions, but you still have to pay attention.
The more information you have, the better you can respond.
3.Develop self-awareness.
Few of us monitor our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.
Ask yourself throughout the day what you’re feeling.
Is the way you’re feeling negatively affecting your choices?
Are you choosing your behaviors in an intelligent manner or allowing others to push your buttons?
Keep the focus on responding.
Those with lower levels of emotional intelligence react, rather than respond. Responding requires thought andconsideration.
When you respond, you’re making a decision.

Reacting is more like a reflex.
There’s no thought involved.

Have you ever regretted saying or doing something without thinking it through?
How would you have handled the situation differently?

What can you do to give yourself the mental space to respond more effectively in the future?
Take a breath and REALLY listen to what the other is saying in context to the situation

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