5 things your teacher didn’t tell you about websites

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5 Things your Teacher never told you about websites

  1. You need one these days.

There are 41 percent of internet users in the East and 14 percent of internet users  in North America.

So, how are they going to talk to you unless you’re on the internet. So, do you have a website?  Your teacher never told you that you need a website if you have a business.
2. You need to know that website design changes  and that there  are trends in websites from one year to the next.

I had a very simple website in the 1980s using HTML .
Now you can do all kinds of things with your website.  So, I can add a video, I can add an infographic, I can have a link to my facebook on my website, I can have a link to http://Medium.com on my website with current articles I have written. You can display links to the various courses, products or services that you sell.  You can have the
opt-in box for email so  you can collect your visitors who are interested in using your website.

So, why don’t you have one?

At a very basic level, an email opt-in for your subscribers and videos for your people to watch and links to any services or products that you have would make the website of value.

3. Websites need to be Mobile Responsive

One more important thing that happened in 2016 is now that your website has to be mobile responsive.
More about 70% of people who look at your website are probably on mobile phones. So you need to be able to have a website that’s responsive on mobile as well as on the desktop.

4. The power of email

Your teacher never knew (in my time) about email. She did not know about getting subscribers to your list.

5. Keeping up with website Theme trends

The internet trends change so quickly now.  I had a different theme then the Get Noticed Theme now
last year but I liked this Get Noticed Theme as it made the website more personable.  So, having a good theme is also one of the 5 things  that your teacher never told you about the internet.

So, that’s basically the five things that your teacher never told you about the internet that is basically crucial for
your business.

  1. You need a website
  2. Internet website Trends quickly
  3. You have to have a mobile responsive website
  4. The power of email
  5. Keep Theme up to date with Trends
    If you want to learn more about website design you can go to http://jgtips.com/website

How a website can give you your heart’s desire

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3 reasons you want to have a website.

If your heart’s desire is to have a business then your website can serve as the central location for your dream where you can tell people about your business, your passion for your business and you can sell at your business.

For example at https://jane-gardner.com, you can learn about me and my story. You can learn about my story through video and text. You can contact me. You can look at the programs that I have. You can look at information about my coaching as well as some of the topics i talk about. You can also opt-in to my emaillist. You can have a look at my projects.

Your website is a representation of you and your business. As such, it should always focus on something you are passionate about.

As well, you don’t have to have a website just for your business. There are a lot of non-profits that have website. This is the website “Humans of New York” by a photographer who took photos of people of New York and it has lots of stories about people.  He helps non-profits on his website. It has 20 million followers on social media and it has a worldwide audience. He just started it as a project in photography and it turned into a non-profit business. It is exciting to see that something that becomes a small project can be an international sensation

As well, you can have a website for your passion. I have a website called Loveofartandanimals.com where I talk about Art and Art History and Animal Art.

So website can provide a place for central home for your heart’s desire, whether it is a passion for art, photography, people or hobby or business.

It is a place to come find me. A website is your central home to express your ideas, your concepts and display your products and  your services.

You can check  out more  at http://jgtips.com/website.

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The bad and the good about being an entrepreneur

I’d like to welcome you to Implement. club where we talk about various subjects but today I’m going to talk about why being an entrepreneur will change your life.

I have been an entrepreneur for about 20 years with my husband in our home based business engineering company.  I came out onto the internet about three years ago to talk to other people about being an entrepreneur and to help them implement and find out how to be an entrepreneur, atake action and make a business out of being an entrepreneur.

 Why being an entrepreneur  will change your life.

Well,  there’s good and bad about being an entrepreneur and I just want to quickly talk about the bad and then we’ll give you the good as we always end with the good!
So.  the bad about being an entrepreneur is of course you’re coming out onto the internet or coming out into the local home business arena and wondering what you want to do, or you know what you want to do but you want to be able to go out and sell.

So,  of course,  everything is brand new to you. Maybe you’ve had experience selling or you haven’t and you’re under a lot of pressure from either your family or yourself to get going and be successful quickly.  You are  not finding that you are getting it done as quickly as you thought.
So, you’re under a lot of a pressure and overwhelmed to get the job done to get various things that you need in your business in order to be successful including clients,  of
course,  as well as the revenue.
Now the other problem,  (and we don’t call it a problem, we call them issues) with being an entrepreneur is that there is always room for failure.
There is always the possibility that whatever i do will be a failure but what the great thing about failure is and I don’t like to use this word failure (but since you
understand that i will say failure), I like to call them mistakes and then I learned from those mistakes and I don’t do them again and I try something new to
get results.
I think it was Richard Branson who said that he had failed many times in his life as an entrepreneur and he will probably keep failing because he will keep trying and whether or not he is  successful or not you never know because you can’t predict the future.
So it’s always good to be able to be willing to fail and hopefully not fail too badly.

Of course,  there’s the pressure of time. The hours are long as an entrepreneur.  It always takes longer than you thought to do some projects and your family and your friends have to be understanding about why you’re not available for them at times because you’re producing or trying to make sales or trying to create a product launch or whatever else you’re trying to do as an entrepreneur.

In summary

So, you’re looking at the possibility of long hours and the possibility of not seeing your family and friends.

There’s a possibility of failure and there’s a possibility of losing money as you start as an entrepreneur and these kind of things you have to be able to be willing to change your mindset so that you can be able to have a failure or be tired or have long hours.
So those are the the bad things about being an entrepreneur in that it will change your life in that way. It’s not a job, it’s certainly a lifestyle.

Good Things

But the good things about being an entrepreneur of course is that you have already have the passion for whatever you’re doing hopefully which will keep you going.

Passion is always good for you and your mindset.

You will be able to have the freedom to decide when you’re going to work, what time are you going to work and also obviously the hours that you are going to work but just to have the freedom to be able to do the things that you want to do when you’re successful as well as being able to do it from your computer rather than having to commute to a  job etc.  I mean you know all these bad things about not being an entrepreneur and obviously the good things.

The most important thing about being an entrepreneur that i have found for myself and my husband is being in control of your own life. We,  I don’t think either of us could probably work for someone else except as a consultant because we’re so used to being able to work on our own and do what we want to do, take the holidays that we want to plan when we want etc.

So,  i hope this gives you a good idea on how being an entrepreneur will change your life and if you would like to have an idea of what how to get started at being an entrepreneur, I have a free ebook and audios that you can listen to to called “Awaken your passion” and it can get you started thinking about being an entrepreneur and that would be at http://jgtips.com/awaken.

You’re welcome to opt in there and you’ll be on my email where we can talk further if you like about becoming an entrepreneur.

I created the implement.club for people who are interested in implementing a bit quicker in their business to make sure they don’t get behind in their dreams and i hope that you will also go and check out implement.club at https://jane-gardner.com/implement.club. 


fresh and delicious pancake made for pancake day

Where the Pancake is the Hero!

In case you aren’t aware, Video Marketing is now the New Norm for spreading your message about your business. There is major brands who are now getting onto Facebook to do Facebook Live Videos as Facebook gives a big push to video.

The Case that Video Marketing is here to stay
Public Domain from pixabay

The other factor for the change to video marketing vs. print marketing is that everyone is using their smartphone to check up on products or services as well as the hours open, location and what are the specials for your business. So, if you don’t have a mobile responsive website for your business, you’d better get one soon.

According to  MarketingTechNews.net 

“Marketers are going where the audience is. When consumers need or want something, they reach for their phones. The change in consumer habits goes deeper than simply ‘which device they use’, though, as users have greater power in choosing to seek out their content rather than have it interrupt their TV show or pass them by on the side of a bus; they’re already actively engaged” from  Why video is key to winning the mobile marketing war

4 Video Marketing Case Studies Trending Now

Video for Advertising but Different

Business Insider is using Facebook Live Video very  effectively according to the article, and it is well worth reading to give you ideas on how you could use video in your marketing.  They are using clips of existing content and creating new whimsical videos and socially engaging videos for Brands using their experience monitoring what is and what isn’t engaging on Facebook.

“The real goal is almost like creating a haiku rather than a free-verse poem, creating a tight story in a short amount of time. It sounds easy, but it’s exceptionally difficult,” said Peter Spande, chief revenue officer at Business Insider. via How Insider is selling its newfound Facebook video expertise to brands – Digiday

Video for Fundraising

“The trailer went viral, in part thanks to a popular post on the Kickstarter Tumblr blog. They released the trailer four months before the film was available to start gaining momentum and grab the attention of the street photography community. The trailer was shared far beyond diehard street photo fans, including in a post on Gizmodo where they placed an awesome animated GIF — soon the trailer was featured on hundreds of sites from Case study: Publishing content vs. marketing it

Video for News Commentary

The Economist has been using Facebook Live Video like a T.V. broadcast but not at the same quality of T.V. production but they are getting thousands of views and comments.

“For the four weeks leading up to June 23, when the U.K. is set to vote on whether to stay in the European Union, the Economist has been streaming weekly 30-minute live videos…discussing how Britain’s exit from the EU would impact trade, politics, migration,… finance. The videos are averaging around 45,000 views, peaking at 2,000 at any one time and get around 500 comments, 10 times the interactions that links to articles get (helped, of course, by Facebook’s prioritizing video in the newsfeed).”

from ‘Between scrappy and slick’: How The Economist is using Facebook live video – Digiday

 Video for Advertising with unique angle…

fresh and delicious pancake made for pancake day
fresh and delicious pancake made for pancake day

“It was about the pancakes being the hero.”

Facebook Livestreaming of three stacks of pancakes on the beach got thousands of comments about whether they were on a beach or fake and occasionally a prop pot of coffee would enter the shot. People were willing to watch it and make comments from within the Facebook stream.

“We had a captive audience for 171,000 minutes. We also had a high volume of comments indicating intent to visit IHOP, so, mission achieved,” Thompson said. via IHOP Livestreamed Some Pancakes on a Beach and It’s the Brand’s Top Social Video Ever

So are you doing video yet?

I have a 21 Case Studies Video Marketing book to get you started on looking for video equipment; what type of videos you should do and tools to create your videos. As well there are 21 stories about Businesses who are using video successful to attract customers here.

Copy of Who am I-

How do your customers find you?

Today we want to talk about your customer.

How do your customers find you?

In this Vistaprint survey of their 2000 customers, they found out a lot of things about customers.


Do you know how your customers are finding you?

They do start online. Word of mouth is very important too.  This means that customer service is also important.

36 to 35% of respondents found new businesses by online research and word of mouth.

What are they looking for on your website?

They check out your website and what do they find?

Well 34% are unlikely to shop if a business doesn’t have a website.

45% of those surveyed would buy from a poorly designed website.

So thats bad news if you aren’t keeping your website up to date or you don’t have a website because you are missing out on a lot of customers.

They are looking for product information, hours of operation and directions to get there.


They also read online reviews about your business.

Do you know where your online reviews are on Google and Yelp?

Do you know what people are saying about your business on social media or anywhere.

Those surveyed said it was important to read reviews before they visit a business.

50% of them said bad online reviews will prevent them from even visiting a business or buying from a business.

You had better figure out what your customer service is and whether customers are happy with your customer service.

Is your business on social media?

They expect to connect with your business on social media. This could mean Instagram or Facebook or other platforms.

60% of those surveyed said it was important for a business to have a social presence.

28% of 18-24 said it was very important and 1 in 4 of them found a business for the first time on social media.

Do you have your business on Instagram or Facebook talking about your products and services?

Do you have a Facebook group for your customers?

People are visiting small businesses every day on the internet and your business creating a powerful online identity will help them find and shop at your business.

Here are a few of the things you need to get done in your business:

1. You need a nicely designed website easy to find.

2. Your business  needs to be on social media.

3. You need Customer service that is engaging and  responsive to customers.


At jane-gardner.com, we talk about Messaging  which includes your website.  Is your website mobile responsive? Do they find your website easily?

We talk about the customer. Who is your customer? What do they want? How can you give them what they want? How do you make them happy day to day so they buy from you  more often.

See us at jane-gardner.com.  Hope to see you here!


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